We are passionate about change, growth and transformation – the words and activities that often make HR folks want to fake their own death to avoid managing.

Change is what keeps things fresh and experience has given us a chance to really get to know the DNA of the companies we work with and for. We want to tackle the gritty stuff that needs more than just HR know-how and we want to help Managers gain clarity on where their business is heading. We are fascinated with the work that focuses on getting the workforce on-side to go from A to B with minimum fuss, legal or otherwise.

Sometimes it is “change”, sometimes it is “transformation”, but the variety of projects we work on always provide a challenge wherein we have to balance the needs of employees with the direction of the business. Regardless, this is what makes us tick.

Over the years we have finely tuned the way we work to help businesses before, during and after a period of change to manage the impact on their employee