We work with you and your workforce before, during and after periods of significant change. It’s our job to make sure your workforce keeps up with the changes you’re looking to introduce.

We think about exactly how changes will affect your people, so you can focus on the future. This can include activities such as:

  • Understanding your current position and pinch points
  • Defining the project you want to tackle
  • Conducting a change readiness workforce assessment
  • Completing a workforce training needs analysis
  • Creating change champions in your business
  • Providing role-specific and change training
  • Focusing on leadership and management development
  • Considering organisational redesign and restructuring
  • Implementing your change(s) – being hands-on
  • Ensuring job descriptions reflect changes
  • Reviewing compensation and benefits
  • Completing contractual changes to ensure compliance
  • Measuring the success of your project